Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Chooks are inspiring

To make a huge understatement - I am the veritable anti-handyman. I'm capable of doing a lot of  useful things, but ask me to do anything 'handyman-wise' beyond hanging a picture frame and you can guarantee a dodgy job.

Despite this, I managed to build a chook shed out of my kids' old A frame swing set. That was almost 12 months ago and it is still standing. I am both amazed and incredibly proud. 

It goes without saying that our chooks are similarly impressed. So much so that they shit themselves with excitement every 30 seconds. Usually just outside the front door of our house.

If you are thinking about doing something similar, I can provide some very concise instructions - buy some scrap metal and chook wire from the dump shop and screw it down on to the frame. Easy.

At this stage, I'm not sure if I'm qualified to continue

that door is a fucking masterpiece

add some of these when you are finished
12 mths old and still functional

My brother reckons that owning chooks is the best feng shui you can buy, their casual pecking having a relaxing meditative quality. I agree to a point. That point is situated just before they destroy your garden.

But you can't beat brekkie made with eggs straight from a chook's vagina. 

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  1. Nice construction! Your consumer report sounds much happier than what some people say about some very pretty chicken coops they bought by a mail order.
    I stopped growing a vegetable garden (therefor there is nothing to destroy) because in a Florida climate I have to fight too numerous insects all the time, and they are much better equipped and determined. I am sure chicks will appreciate numerous bugs and lizards and will help me to dispose of stinky dropped figs. I still have fruit trees and blueberry bushes.
    I yet to tell my husband about my plans.