Thursday, 9 January 2014

Fly plague of 2014

We've always had a lot of flies in our neighbourhood, and the presence of our family chickens doesn't help matters in this regard. So a couple of weeks ago I bought some fly traps from Bunnings (hardware shop) and gave them a whirl. 

The result was impressive. So much so that I went and bought a jumbo version for the chook shed. 

While the fly massacre is of biblical proportions, I'm a little perplexed; is the liquid in the fly trap so enticing that we are attracting flies from miles away, or is the seemingly significant increase in our local fly population just a coincidence?

Whatever the case, there are literally thousands of the buggers just dying to drown in whatever poison we're feeding them. It's bloody disgusting, and smells awful.

Four days worth:


Probably her fault:


  1. WHAT DO YOU USE FOR BAIT??? :-) for some unknown reason, our neighborhood gets a lot of flies in the summer, and i've used all kinds of recommended things in my flytraps with striking lack of efficiency. :-)

  2. G'day Tess, the bait comes in a pouch, so not sure. The product is made by this mob -

    It seems the ingredients, while 'non-toxic', are a bit of trade secret -

    I do know that after a few days, it stinks really bad and it can't just be the flies.

    Have a good one.

  3. It seems someone (Mr nospam) thinks that a couple of prawn heads give the same results.

    1. i'll look into ordering the commercial stuff, thanks! on the rare occasion i get shrimp or crawdads with heads on, i like to let them contribute their weird goodness to my shellfish stock. ;-)

    2. No worries. Re the stock, I agree - fish heads are amazing flavour bombs.