Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I used iTunes...and I feel so dirty

iTunes. I don’t get it.

Firstly, I’m not one of those android “fan boys” who bag anything Apple – I simply don’t understand why people think it is totally acceptable to be forced into using a horrible program to transfer a few files on to a tablet.

I like to think I’m quite tech-savvy, though no IT geek, but it seems to me that if you want to put some movies or music or any other file on to your non-Apple tablet; you plug it in to your computer with a generic cable, copy the files you want to transfer, and paste them on to your tablet. No matter what file format they are, there should be a number of different free apps that will play or view your file with no problem.

I could be wrong, but as far as I can tell, if you want to do this with an Apple product, and the files are not ones that you bought through the iTunes store, the process of transferring files becomes some massive expedition into crazy-town, where you first have to convert said files into a format that your iPad will recognise. Which involves downloading a file conversion program. And then converting them. And then importing the converted files into iTunes. And then getting those files on to your iPad. That last step sounds like it should be simple, but the few times I’ve had to do it, I found it to be insanely complicated and a complete head-fuck. If it weren't someone else’s iPad, it would have been slammed to the ground and stomped on.

Apple people will most likely tell me I’m doing it wrong and that it is oh-so-simple and that iTunes is actually quite brilliant. I say to those people – “why the hell can’t you just copy and paste the fucking files, no matter what format they’re in, and then play/view them in a process that doesn't last any more than about 2 minutes? And why the fuck can’t this pinnacle of technology understand more than one or two file formats?”

I’ll tell you why – because society is broken. Humans think it is quite acceptable, that in return for being given (for a small fee of around $800) the latest i-thing technology, designed by very intelligent people who happen to have no common sense, we should be quite OK with being told what files we can use, how we use them, and how we can move them from device to device and with what fucking cord you can connect it to your computer with.

I say that doesn’t make any sense. I say that is completely idiotic. I say you might as well give them your fingerprints and a sample of your DNA while you’re at it, because the moment you tell a corporation that you are their bitch, you might as well turn around, pants down and take it all in. And then thank them for it.  

Don’t misunderstand me here; I think iPads and Macs are brilliant pieces of machinery… in theory. If you could use them without iTunes I would consider buying one myself. But to my knowledge, you can't. So I won't.