Friday, 24 January 2014

The inevitability of tattoos

Besides iTunes,religion, veganism, facebook and okra; politics is another thing I really don't understand. Especially why people get so uptight and angry about it. For me, it's really quite simple - I've never known a politician worth voting for or that has even been worth listening to. Therefore whenever someone starts talking about politics or a politician, I tune out. I'm unlikely to even proof-read this blog post after I've finished, because if I did, I'd probably punch myself Edward Norton-style.

Regardless of any possible honourable intent before being elected, inevitably they all crumble to the overwhelming force of the idiotic majority's opinion. Intelligence and charisma are all well and good, but if your voting public don't have the foggiest about what is actually good for them, how the hell is the mythical smart politician going to effect change?

I have no ideas on an alternate system of government. Democracy is clearly the best we have available, however it has massive disadvantages - the biggest of which is that the elected leader has to maintain the approval of the majority or they don't get re-elected. Not getting re-elected means they have bugger all chance of actually changing anything that is currently broken. 

Now that would be fine if the majority of people were rational, intelligent humans, but they're not. The majority of humans, in my not-very-humble opinion, are quite frankly morons and their capability of individual thought is comparable with the average ewe. I have no other explanation for the popularity of facebook or the exponential increase in tattoos over recent years. 

For example, any national leader we've had over the last 10-20 years has decided that their voters don't like asylum seekers arriving by boat. So they harp on and on about "stopping the boats", regardless of whether they think the whole argument is idiotic. Which, when you look at the numbers of asylum seekers arriving by any other method, it is. 

But that's a whole other argument. My point is, that pollies exert so much energy spouting absolute bullshit on topics that don't matter in order to get re-elected, that they very rarely do any good. 

Politics and politicians will come and go, but the average intelligence of the population will stay the same or get worse. I have chosen not to concern myself with things that I cannot change and therefore I opt out of all politics related conversations. 

Including this one. Goodbye. 

why would you put these in your mouth?