Thursday, 30 January 2014

What Kim Kardashian is up to ...

...couldn't give a flying fuck.
Flying Duck
The Don

I'd be more interested in what this flying duck is up to. Going by the expression on its face, it looks quite the character. I bet it has lots of friends and family who are similarly entertaining and charismatic and who don't waste their precious lives looking at themselves in the mirror, taking selfies and pretending that they somehow serve the community. 

I reckon Don the duck is a duck worth having a beer with. Someone who'd shout first round and then double up with shots from the top shelf. When the inevitable bonehead would approach and slur "what're you lookin' at, big nose?", Donnie would casually reply "quack quack" and carry on without a fuss. If that same moron were to start abusing one of Don's mates, he would swiftly defuse the situation by buying the neanderthal a beer and telling him that "we're all here for a good time and there's little need for violence".  

Don the duck is probably a loving and caring partner and father. His ducklings probably look up to him with enormous respect and devotion. 

Or he could be just a dumb duck. 

But I'd still find him more interesting than any vacuous, self-absorbed celebrity. 

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