Thursday, 9 January 2014

Wiping my own bum

Keeping fit and healthy has always been an interest of mine. I figure that if I want to enjoy old age and be mobile enough to look after myself and wipe my own bum, then good health is probably a pre-requisite.

I remember having to visit my great grandmother in a nursing home. I hated going there – she was in her 90s and just sat in a chair all day with an emotionless expression on her face. She may have been happy, simply not having the facial muscles to express the emotion, but to an 8 year old kid it was an intensely depressing experience. Worse than going to church, which is usually where we had just come from. Sundays sucked arse when I was a kid.

If I live to anywhere near that age, I would like to be independent enough to travel, to be able to walk at a brisk pace, move without excessive pain, and be genuinely happy to be alive. If I can’t do that then I don’t really see the point in being around.

I imagine how I choose to keep fit and healthy is probably not of interest to anyone. I do what I enjoy and what works. Luckily for me, those are not mutually exclusive. For what it’s worth, I lift heavy things on a regular basis and I’m reasonably careful about what food I put in my mouth.

The first part is easy because I enjoy doing something that provides the benefits of functional strength, while satisfying my vanity.

The eating part has taken many years of research and self-experimentation, while wading through the sea of bullshit that is expert nutrition opinion. I’m reasonably happy with ‘how I roll’ these days, i.e. avoiding sugar in all its forms and eating plenty of fat (non-PUFA) and sufficient protein. It works for me and I plan to stick with it – why that should concern anyone else is hard to comprehend.

Being strong and lean has its benefits now, and I’m hoping a future benefit is that I’ll be kicking the footy with my great grandkids one day.

And not relying on others to wipe my bum.

Best health to you and yours, random humans.