Thursday, 13 February 2014

Your margarine will probably get five stars

This will be a short one, because quite frankly, my care factor is bottoming out on this - Healthy Food Star Ratings.

To be as concise as possible - as far as I can tell;

  • My Government has decided to spend millions on a healthy food star ratings initiative. The healthier they think the food is, the more stars it gets (out of five) on the label. 
  • The star rating is calculated using an algorithm, the inside workings of which are a mystery. But you don't have to be a genius to take a guess what they take into consideration.
  • They launched a website explaining all this not long ago. They then took it down a day or so later because there is some bullshit drama about one of the people responsible for it being married to someone with links to the food industry.
  • It's all a big yawn.

This rubbish system was apparently announced mid-2013, but I've only just noticed it - most likely because this sort of shit is a waste of my precious brain cells and I instinctively don't bother with it.

Searching the net for examples, you find stuff like this:

I hope to hell that someone is taking the piss with that one, because anything with 25g of sugar doesn't deserve one star, let alone four. We won't really know until they reinstate the website, but I'm betting all the sausages in my freezer that it will be same expert nonsense that suggests anything with low saturated fat and low sodium should be gorged upon and force fed to your kids.

I would love to be proven wrong, however my gut tells me it's basically just another side show run by clowns and they're directing the unsuspecting punters into the lion cage instead of the grandstand.

There is simply no point making an attempt to guide people in the right direction if you don't first know where that is.