Sunday, 16 March 2014

Thor and Porsches

I tend to blabber on about lots of stuff that annoys me. Things that give me the shits and that I find particularly illogical or downright stupid. Although how I'm seen by random strangers isn't that important, I'd still rather not come across as an angry, bitter person. I've read those blogs, and they become tiring very quickly.

Of course I understand that I'm incredibly lucky and have very little to complain about. The random chain of events that has led me to where I am today is probably verging on the statistically impossible. That I even made it through puberty with all limbs and brain function in tact is a damn miracle. 

But here I am. I'm healthy, I have money to buy nice food and pay for comfortable shelter. I have people who care about me and healthy children who look up to me. I also live in a wonderful city where the only thing our rulers really punish us with is their stupidity
and the sunsets aren't too shabby
The fact that I don't drive a Porsche Panamera or holiday every 6 months in the south of France is, quite frankly, pretty low on my care factor register. And so is the fact that I'm not 6 foot 5 and I don't look anything like Chris Hemsworth.
It's unnatural for a man to be this hot
I don't speak more than one language and can't play a musical instrument. I can't sing or dance with any modicum of talent and if you asked me to build anything with my hands I'd ask what drugs you were on.

The list of things that I can't do or don't have is long. The list of things that I do have may be much shorter, but the sum value is immeasurable.

pretty, but no room for an esky 
Despite the tone of some posts here, I enjoy a good laugh, particularly at myself. Life is too short to get worked up about shit you can't control. I choose to focus on what I have, rather than what the internet tells me I should be like or possess. 

Life is good.

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