Monday, 19 May 2014

Because beef ribs

Is the answer to many questions, not just the obvious ones such as "why don't you try this raw vegan diet I heard about?" 

Why didn't you pick my mother in law up at the airport?
Why are you so happy today?
Why are your kids so bright eyed and healthy looking?
Why did you leave me waiting at the alter?
etc etc.

Anyway, we Australians like to think we are brilliant at cooking on the barbecue. In reality, the average Aussie is pretty shithouse at it, throwing on some mystery bags, lamb chops and steak, turning them a few times and expecting the meat to magically transform into something worthy of a Michelin star.

There are exceptions, of course, including the many Italian/Greek/non-Caucasian Aussies who know a thing or two about spices and marinades and treating meat with respect.

I like to think I'm probably/hopefully somewhere in between.

Our oven has been cactus for about 2 months and the electricians we foolishly hired to fix it have been pushing the limits of incompetence. So, a little sick and tired of cooking on the stove top, it was BBQ time.

I saw these slabs of gorgeousness at the shop and, like any self-respecting human being, thought "they'd be nice in my belly".

About 4kg of stupendousness
Where I live, it costs around $10-11AUD a kilo ($10USD for 2.2 pounds or 6 British Pounds per kilo) for beef ribs like these. Pork ribs will cost around $18-19 a kilo so it's sort of a no-brainer unless money isn't an issue.
Cooking tender ribs is time consuming. Of course you could simply boil them in stock, but I've heard that if an American sees you doing this, you're likely to be shot, so if i have time, slow cooking is best.

A dry rub consisting of salt, pepper, paprika, onion and garlic powder, a little bit of cumin and whatever else is laying around is applied. Lay them in a shallow bath of your favourite beer and cover with foil. I'm not sure what you'd use if you didn't want beer - maybe beef stock.
No one actually drinks Fosters here
In the oven or bbq with the hood down. Temperature of around 180-200 Celsius and leave for 3 hours.
S'ok, curiosity didn't injure the 5 year old

And this is what you get

To get some crispy action going, I coat them in a bbq sauce and finish them off, directly on the grill plate over high flame. I know, bbq sauce is almost pure sugar, but you don't need much and this is something I'd eat only occasionally. My sauce is a mix of hoisin, tomato sauce (ketchup), maple syrup, possibly some balsamic, or whatever takes your fancy. 

Keep an eye on the beer bath, because if it dries out completely, so does the meat. If cooked well, the meat should be tender and falling off the bone.

Not exactly cheap, but if you have someone special that you'd like to impress, particularly a male, then this should fit the bill.