Friday, 23 May 2014

Litoria caerulea vs Grains and Legumes Nutritional Council

I stupidly clicked on a news article yesterday entitled "Lack of whole grains putting Australian health at risk". I don't know why I did, it was obvious from the title that it'd be pushing every boundary of stupidity and ignorance. 

But I did. And it was very, very stupid. So stupid, I had this long and detailed post in mind, expressing my intense bemusement that any sane journalist would write it, or any sane person take it seriously.

The claims came from the Australian Grains and LegumesCouncil. Of course. That such a council exists is news to me, although that they are in the business of pushing their own agenda is hardly surprising. Kinda like the liquor industry forming a council and declaring “people aren’t getting their daily dose of red wine and they’re in danger of anti-oxidant deficiency”. And then a journo runs with it and some people actually believe it.

The intelligence of some human beings is astounding.

But all of this is so predictable and I got bored very quickly. I was hanging up some washing last night and one of our (approximately) 300 green tree frogs was sitting on the line, as they do, just sitting, looking as cool and indifferent as a house cat, an expression on its face that would suggest it had not a care in the world. I imagined it telepathically asking me "why the hell are you wasting your brain cells on such a blatantly idiotic matter?"
Dude, wtf?
It’s hard to think of a more relaxed and placid animal – Litoria caerulea (at least the ones at my house) aren't too fussed if you get close or even pick them up. Found chilling out in pot plants, in your clothes basket or the pocket of your jeans, they only seem to get animated when a monsoonal storm erupts - a deafening choir of croaking, as if they're competing with the sound of the rain on our tin roof.

"Like many frogs, green tree frogs call not only to attract a mate, but also to advertise their location outside the mating season, usually after rain, for reasons that are uncertain to researchers."

Memo to researchers - they're having a massive party, 'cause rain makes them happy. Der.

Green tree frogs are way more interesting than the Grains Council. They're not biased or full of shit for starters. They're also carnivores, with a taste for insects and spiders. Anything that reduces the population of spiders is a hero in my book.

And if you believe wikipedia:

"Although frogs have lungs, they absorb oxygen through their skin, and for this to occur efficiently, the skin must be moist. A disadvantage of moist skin is pathogens can thrive on it, increasing the chance of infection. To counteract this, frogs secrete peptides that destroy these pathogens. The skin secretion from the green tree frog contains caerins, a group of peptides with antibacterial and antiviral properties. It also contains caerulins , which have the same physiological effects as CCK-8, a digestive hormone and hunger suppressant. Several peptides from the skin secretions of the green tree frog have been found to destroy HIV without harming healthy T-cells."

Reading the bit about hunger suppressants, I imagined a morbidly obese person reaching in to their handbag/backpack, pulling out a frog, licking it, and putting it back in. But maybe that's just how MY mind works.

So I guess the point of this post is that I'm trying to unlearn my habit of reading and wasting my time on utter bullshit. It might take some time, but I'm determined to make it work.

I could click on Lack of whole grains putting Australian health at risk and read nonsense like this: "ONLY one third of Australians are consuming enough whole grains and may be putting their health at risk, according to new research."

Or I could take Litoria Caerulea's advice and "just stop that shit, there are millions of things more interesting and important that you could thinking about right now"

Smart frog.
A little smug looking, but probably has every right to be


giving me moral support as I cook ribs on the bbq

Insert your own caption for this one.


  1. That last frog picture made me smile,

    1. Yeah, the one facial expression they possess can say so much.


  2. whew -- you only LICK them! i was afraid you were going to swallow them alive! ;-), i love any critter than eats mosquitoes. i used to get so annoyed that our cat would kill skinks, when we lived in TX....

    1. I seem to remember my brother putting one in his mouth to scare my sister when we were younger. Surprisingly, I don't think it cared enough to wee in his mouth. They can get a bit incontinent if they don't like what you're doing.

  3. gosh, what is everybody reading today?

    1. So much nonsense, so little time.


  4. "The intelligence of some human beings is astounding."

    The lack of intelligence is far more astounding ! Especially among the medical profession, don't start me off re. dietitians.


    1. I never could remember the difference between a dietitian and a nutritionist. I thought differentiation might be important, but it gradually dawned on me that it wasn't and that in all most all cases they are both full of shit.


    2. all most = almost.


  5. Getting back to your frog pictures ...they're great...just loving the expressions.

    I for one have never eaten frogs legs although some say they are a delicacy ....don't know what dietitians or nutritionists would make of that !

    Hope your weekend is going well

    All the best Jan

    1. G'day Jan. I haven't been tempted to try them out, but I guess they are always there if we get desperate enough.