Monday, 26 May 2014

Practice makes semi-competent

After a few test runs, my pork bangers are coming out more uniform and pretty. my opinion
if you stare long enough, you get the urge to dive in, to what must surely be a veganless parallel universe
With the help of my reluctant daughter, these puppies were pumped out in no time. Of course the 2-3 hours of preparation is a distant memory. 

The meat (belly and shoulder) is chopped into chunks, ground twice, mixed with the spices of your choice and some water, left overnight and then pumped into some animal intestines that I happened to have lying around.

The twisting into lengths part is a very anxious one for an amateur like me, especially with sheep intestines that are easier to break than pig's. I managed to better my previous best, with only 3 eruptions.

Despite how brilliant they look, they're not quite good enough to eat raw, so yesterday's breakfast/lunch was a couple cooked with scrambled eggs. Unfortunately I had no onions or black pudding handy.

With enough in the freezer to last another couple of months. 

Yes, I definitely think the effort was worth it.


  1. way to go! :-) a lot prettier than the ones I've made!

    1. Thanks, Tess. I guess they taste the same regardless of their looks. Only matters to me 'cause I give a few away to show off.

  2. Beautiful!!! I am jealous. I wish it would be among my things to cook routinely. Intestines occasionally laying around is not what I normally have, and my meatgrinder doesn't have the attachment for sausages.

    1. G'day Galina, I've only done them a few times but I can't see myself getting tired of nice sausages. Re the intestines, that was a little sarcasm - I order them online from about 3,000kms away.

      Have a good one.

  3. More food porn. Now I'm hungry.

  4. Wow - have to say that looks good. You can't beat scrambled eggs and sausages, especially ones you made yourself.

    Have a good weekend

    All the best Jan