Thursday, 14 August 2014

Accidental waterboarding

More Modern World by Tom Tomorrow here

I know it's just satire, but the cartoon Barack's attitude seems to be one taken by Governments and politicians everywhere. It's my opinion that Mr Obama gets away with it a lot more because many people (at least here) seem to think he's charismatic and "nice". But then Australian politicians are neither of those things and our citizens take the bullshit as truth. The number of votes says so. 

Fear is a powerful incentive to believe anything and trust anyone.  

What can you do?


  1. [sigh] i wish i could afford my own island (with no politicians on it)....

  2. Yeah, but unfortunately they're like ants and mozzies - they'd find you somehow.

    Cheers, Tess.

  3. If you say something enough times there are those that do believe it's true, and many people still seem to believe everything they are told without question .....oh dear.

    Modern World? Mixed up I think !

    All the best Jan