Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I hate this movie

The last few weeks in my country, and possibly yours, have been playing out like an old movie. We all think we've seen this movie before but can't figure out why Hollywood would choose to do a re-make on a story that was shitty when it first came out. No amount of improved CGI or fresh-faced actors is going to hide the fact that it's a shitty story. It has a shitty plot, it cost a shitload of money to produce and has a shitty, unsatisfactory ending. For everyone.

But here we are. Listening to politicians telling us we should be shit-scared of being plucked off the street and beheaded in broad daylight. That we should surrender our privacy and freedoms for some vague sense of security. That they have everything under control and that we should trust them to ensure we can sleep soundly at night. 

I have great trouble trusting people who have a long and distinguished career in talking out of their arses. These people lie for a living, are quite unconcerned about being caught in a lie, and live in some bizarre fantasy land where it's always someone else's fault that they lied.

Their supporters and believers will tell me that the dangers of a terrorist event in this country are very real and that I would not be so skeptical if it were someone I knew or loved that had been captured and allegedly decapitated. They will claim that if I have nothing to hide then it shouldn't bother me that new laws will encroach deeper into my privacy. They will say that stricter laws will ensure safety and that a reinvigorated war effort against the 'enemy' will succeed where it didn't the first time. Or the second time. Or all the other times after that.

So it seems my options are to (a) trust a bunch of lying toads and give up certain rights and freedoms that I've become rather accustomed to, or (b) risk some crazy nutter attacking me in the street with a machete/grenade/whatever.

Call me naive and overly insouciant, but I think I'll take my chances with option (b). 

More great cartoons from David Pope here
I understand that the world has changed dramatically in the last decade or so. I understand that there are quite a few crazy fuckers out there, somewhere, who make it their life's mission to cause pain and misery.

I get that. 

I also get that we couldn't be much further from the rest of the world but we continue to commit our soldiers to fighting battles that have vague and ever changing goals, and that these battles are more likely to increase our status as a terrorist target than ensure our safety from the nasty brown men with beards.

In the last 13 or so years we've had laws and restrictions forced on us with the promise that these changes will keep us safe when we venture outside our comfy homes. A massive security industry has blossomed in this new terrified world and the authorities continue to use our fear for their gain. 

Rubbish bins are welded shut so they can't have bombs placed in them. Liquids and nail clippers are prohibited on plane flights. Minorities are told to act like white people or fuck off back where they came from - all strategies that are based very feebly in the realm of logic, and then, with great pomp and ceremony, we are informed of a foiled plot to wreak terror and destroy our way of lives.

The suits all pat themselves on the back and march toward military action in another country. Again. And the believers all breath a sigh of relief and vow to vote for these staunch moral leaders at the next election.

I hate this movie. It's shit. 

And not just because it makes me talk about politics. 



  1. Your chances of being dismembered by a dinkum Aussie serial killer or gangster continue to outweigh the odds of jihadi beheading, even by vegan jihadis. So relax...

    1. Exactly, George. The hysteria is surreal, and that so many are buying it, even more so.

    2. I wasn't joking about the vegan jihadis - watch your head!

      Three Global Miracles, Warning

      19 Jun. 2018 - Miracle 1 - All butchers globally will be killed

      15 Aug. 2018 - Miracle 2 - All hunters will be killed

      11 Sep. 2018 - Miracle 3 - 380 corpse eaters in front of live TV will be decapitated in a Los Angeles restaurant

      23 Sep. 2018 - Speech on Mt. Sinai - Chapter 115 of Quran

      11 Oct. 2018 - The Judgment Day

      Estimated Death is 6 to 7 Billion corpse eater humanoid demons

      Download the book FREE and learn the details
      Read the content of this site
      Watch the Videos
      Vegan or Dead, no other option
      This is decided. This will be done

      I take these threats seriously and call for immediate air strikes. Abbott, where the bloody hell are you?

    3. Holy shit, George. I had no idea Moses had come out of retirement to "cancel" all references to using animals in the bible. I was wondering what he'd been up to for the last 2000+ years. Lazy bugger, that Moses.

      Thanks for the heads up.

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