Friday, 12 September 2014

iPhone 6 and the demise of the human race

I'm pretty sure this means we're doomed as a species

Hey Mum! Aren't you proud?
I can certainly relate to being lured in to handing over hard-earned cash for a shiny new toy. What I don't relate to and can't imagine doing (while my brain is functioning) is lining up for 9 days to buy that shiny toy.

Things I would wait in line for 9 days for:

  1. essentials for life (food/water/medicine/shelter/a hug)
  2. a seat on the last spaceship leaving earth before it is wiped out by a meteor

That someone would add to this list “to be one of the first few people in my city to buy the latest i-phone” is, to put it bluntly, completely deranged.

I don’t know what tests are involved to prove whether someone is mentally competent to stand trial for a crime, but they should add this question to it:

If the latest i-phone is due for release in nine days' time, would you:

(a) rush to the Apple store and wait in line. For 9 days.
(b) wait until they are being sold and consider buying one then.
(c) wait until the night before the sale and strangle the person at the front of the queue.
(d) do nothing because any phone that requires you to use itunes is idiotic.
(e) what's an iphone?

Anyone answering (a) gets a one way ticket to a mental institution. 

Answering (c) gets you a job as CEO of a major corporation. 


  1. You know no-one can explain this phenomenon better than one of our beloved bloggers..can you guess whoo... :)) I have to nod my head in agreement haha

    ..."You know why there is mass hysteria when apple craps out a new device? The people are mindless robots who are following a cult.Joining the apple cult is something that can only happen to social think mindless idiot who has no brain or independence.It selects lemmings thats why they fall to knees in rapture of the lord when they pinch out a new mildly improved version of previous device. Can u imagine how *** up and social sheep like you have to b to freak out over a new slightly different phone? What the ***."

  2. Woo is one of a kind,that's for sure. 😄

  3. my answer has to be B. :-) the only reason i use an iphone now is that i got the ipad first, and that meant i didn't have to learn a new goddam operating system. do i want a new one? HELL no. i'll use mine till it DIES, like i did every phone before it.

    but then, i'm older than dirt. comes a point, having a new toy is no longer fun because you have to reconfigure your brain to use it.

  4. Hi Chips

    You just can't get away from Apple these days !

    Several on the low carb diabetic forum were talking "Apple" in the topic named 'And the World can breathe again' in General Discussion.

    Me I'd rather have a good old fashioned eating apple but then I guess I'm old fashioned and proud of the fact LOL

    Apple sure know how to hype and it works the money keeps rolling in and in and in I missing something?

    All the best Jan

    1. I haven't eaten a real apple in 6 months...I would line up for 9 days if I was able to eat an apple..however chucking the fruit was the last nail in the coffin for my carb cravings. Interesting that Jobs would not allow his kids to use technology at home or at least he limited it greatly, perhaps he knew something we don't or didn't want his loved ones to be like the lemmings in your pic above.