Friday, 12 September 2014

iPhone 6 and the demise of the human race

I'm pretty sure this means we're doomed as a species

Hey Mum! Aren't you proud?
I can certainly relate to being lured in to handing over hard-earned cash for a shiny new toy. What I don't relate to and can't imagine doing (while my brain is functioning) is lining up for 9 days to buy that shiny toy.

Things I would wait in line for 9 days for:

  1. essentials for life (food/water/medicine/shelter/a hug)
  2. a seat on the last spaceship leaving earth before it is wiped out by a meteor

That someone would add to this list “to be one of the first few people in my city to buy the latest i-phone” is, to put it bluntly, completely deranged.

I don’t know what tests are involved to prove whether someone is mentally competent to stand trial for a crime, but they should add this question to it:

If the latest i-phone is due for release in nine days' time, would you:

(a) rush to the Apple store and wait in line. For 9 days.
(b) wait until they are being sold and consider buying one then.
(c) wait until the night before the sale and strangle the person at the front of the queue.
(d) do nothing because any phone that requires you to use itunes is idiotic.
(e) what's an iphone?

Anyone answering (a) gets a one way ticket to a mental institution. 

Answering (c) gets you a job as CEO of a major corporation.