Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Praying to J.C. is a waste of time - the proof is in.

My care factor just can't get out of bed when it comes to discussing religion. If someone finds a particular brand fulfilling and rewarding then that is fantastic for them - it's only when that religion does damage to people's lives and preys on the weak and gullible that it gives me the shits enough to bother talking about. 

The Church of Starvation Dieting (aka Jenny Craig) has been around since the 80's. It's been known to recruit so-called celebrities to vouch for their particular religion, a little bit like Scientology I guess, but perhaps with less star power. 

One of the JC enlistees is Magda Szubanksi, probably only known to Australian audiences as a mildly amusing actor who, it appears, has always been morbidly obese.  

About five years ago she made money aligning her attempt at weight loss with J.C. and as with any drastic dietary change, and with a bank account full of motivation behind her, it seemed to work:
But what was surprising to no-one, except maybe Magda and the sort of people who pay money to read IQ-depleting magazines, was that she then proceeded to put it all back on.
“You know, you’re busy, you’ve got long hours and it just creeps up ... your portions get a bit bigger again and you start to forget — ‘calorie amnesia’ as they call it,” Szubanski said.
The Church of JC recently offered to buy her self-respect (again) for something around a million dollars. Magda may be a lot of things, but she's not silly enough to knock back a million bucks for doing what thousands of people attempt to do for free.

When asked earlier this year why she had accepted another million-dollar plus deal, Szubanski said “may as well get paid for it, I say”.

And yet, despite this massive incentive and with the population of bored house-wives/husbands watching on - the bland, nutritionally void offerings of Her Majesty The Craig...it didn't work. In the words of a JC stooge:

"Magda will pursue her weight loss journey privately."

Magda may be a lovely person, or she may not, but I think everyone deserves to be happy with themselves and it seems she is not. I don't wish her ill will and this is not some snarky smart arse put-down. Despite her apparent willingness to prostitute her self-loathing for a shitload of money, I hope she does eventually find a weight loss solution that works for her. Given her ridiculous comments about 'calorie amnesia' it would seem she's a fair way off from finding one.

JC's teachings and values may work for some people. I can't see how, but I'm willing to acknowledge the possibility that some people on this earth actually like eating tasteless food and fighting their body's cravings for nutrition. 

Logic would suggest that starving a human body that is already messed up metabolically is pretty much the last method someone should be trying. But yet, millions do, repeatedly. 

Alternate methods are laughed off as fads or dangerous because The Church has them in their clutches and when you're that hooked into a religion, I imagine it would be pretty hard to break the spell. 

I wonder if dear old JC realises the damage she has done.

Addendum: It seems Magda may not be such a lost cause as she has apparently (I really must keep up to date with trashy news) moved on to a Health Retreat, where "packages start at $1000 for two nights, offers counselling sessions, organic meals and yoga classes." 

Sounds like a shitty con on the surface, and it may well be, but at least the food appears to be real. And the proprietor appears to have a brain:

"Your food should be nourishment and enjoyment for your body and soul, not punishment."

Amen, brother.