Thursday, 9 October 2014

Pressure on the Heart

In the last few months I've been watching with interest the stink that Pete Evans has been kicking up in regard to the Australian Heart Foundation's bullshit – it’s very entertaining.
my new man-crush
Pete is somewhat of a minor celebrity in these parts - hell, I even own some of his fry pans, they’re fantastic. He’s taken it upon himself to spread his belief that eating real food might actually be better for you than the processed garbage that the Heart Foundation is advising people to digest.

Crazy, I know, but predictably the experts from nutritionist land have responded by suggesting people who eat real food will be sorry when all of a sudden they develop whole grain and glucose deficiency. Apparently living without canola oil is like driving without your seat belt on. Scary stuff.

A lady by the name of Jesse Reimers started a petition a while ago, demanding that the HF stop the tick program nonsense and it seems like she has a fair amount of support. People power is alive and well.

I find all of this incredibly amusing and bloody good fun. But I've been told more than a few times that I’m a bit weird.

The Heart Foundation are in the process of 'reviewing' their tick program, and you can comment on whether you believe their fairy stories in that survey. That's all very lovely but you don't have to be a total cynic to assume nothing much will come of it. Maybe some more bizarre excuses for pretending sugar is innocuous, but I wouldn't expect anything logical.

Interesting times.


  1. From what I've read Pete Evans is doing a good job in highlighting "stuff " that needs to be in the news. Keep on Pete you've got a lot of fans I reckon

    All the best Jan

    1. It's nice when people use their profile, no matter how significant, to highlight the idiocy of mainstream experts. Such a pity that so many still keep their eyes and minds shut to alternate opinions.