Friday, 14 November 2014

Catalyst and Demasi... shit-stirring again.

It’s with a considerable, but obviously misplaced, sense of pride that I watched last night’s Catalyst episode featuring Dr Maryanne Demasi – the crew that had the Heart Foundation spitting chips last year about the endangerment of pharmaceutical companies’ profits.

While the episodes from 12 months ago were about saturated fat and statins – episodes so dangerous to public health that they had to be taken down from the website - this time she’s suggested that basing 60%+ of your calories on a macronutrient that ultimately ends up as sugar in your blood stream – is perhaps as stupid as it sounds.

Considering they have to pack in as much as possible in half an hour, they did a pretty good job, and not mentioning Mr Keys once was a refreshing change. I had the opportunity to watch Cereal Killers recently and the Catalyst episode seems to be a kind of "Cereal Killers 1 and a half", with Tim Noakes and Steve Phinney featuring prominently and the proper sequel due out early next year. 

You can bet your boots that nutritionists and the Heart Foundation will be fielding all sorts of inane journo questions in the coming days. It would not surprise me in the slightest if they organise enough complaints and pressure to get the video pulled – so if you’re interested in seeing it, you won’t want to dawdle.

Of interest to weird people like me who watch cricket, was the presence of Shane Watson, a player who has historically had that ‘pudgy’ look about him, despite being a professional athlete. Cricket isn't exactly comparable with football or triathlons, but the level of training would still be significant. His experience with LCHF is something the doubters should find hard to ignore, but I'm sure they will anyway. Doubters gotta doubt.

The Australian team also has a committed vegan in their ranks, so the banter at lunch might have initially been interesting.  

Anyway, the last 12 months has seen a slowly growing chorus of dissenting voices in the world of nutrition. Pressure on the authorities and having people questioning the all-conquering guidelines is something I hope continues. They've had it way too easy for way too long.

A lot more shit stirring is what is called for. Bring it on.
Demasi playing the role of temptress
I downloaded the episode before it was taken down, but unfortunately it is too big for blogger, so thanks to Eddie and Ash Simmonds for the video of the full episode on YouTube: