Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Paleo and the Devil you know

Demons, devils…whatever. 

It seems the club doctor of the Melbourne Demons, Dr Zeeshan Arain has had an influence on their nutritional plan and is implementing, what the press are calling, a 'paleo' approach. 

The Demons are probably the worst performing club over the last 5-10 years, so maybe it was desperation that led them to try this. Whatever it was, it'll be interesting to see how they go. 
Neil Mitchell is an idiot, so that should be fun.
Australian rules football is our number one sport by a fair margin. In terms of attendance at sporting events, nothing really comes close. Except maybe horse racing but that's just too sad to talk about. 

While the players might have a reputation of being tough and strong (they are), these days the elite are more comparable with middle distance runners than rugby players. Mid-field position players can run anywhere between 12-20 kilometres (7-12 miles) in a game that lasts roughly 2 hours. All while tackling, kicking and punching (the ball, mostly).
Pretty? No. Hard as nails? Yes. 
So, it is hardly surprising that a diet that relies on fat for fuel is becoming popular. They might call it paleo, but I suspect it is more LCHF. The name ‘paleo’ is easier for the journos and great unwashed to identify and there’s no way they’d call it Atkins, because everyone knows that would give them all heart disease.

“The Dees are allowed to eat rice and milk, but otherwise avoid processed foods and carbohydrates.

A clue there, as I'm pretty sure milk and rice are paleo no-nos. 

It was introduced to Melbourne by club doctor Zeeshan Arain and its benefits sold to the players by renowned South African sports and nutrition professor Tim Noakes.

So, while it's a pity that all low carb diets appear to be branded as 'paleo', at least the high fat message is filtering through mainstream. Like it or not, these blokes are role models for young and old, so hopefully what they do, catches on.

“It’s individual, but a lot of them have said: ‘I’m not going back, I feel great on it, I’m sleeping well, I’m recovering really well and I’m performing well at training’.”
The Demon has the ball. Probably because the Hawks appear to be dancing.

Edit, it seems not all journos are so lazy to ignore the term "LCHF" altogether - http://www.afl.com.au/news/2014-11-24/dees-turn-to-fat-for-fitness

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