Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Bamboo and rabbits. Just don't.

Like 99% of the human population, I like to think I'm reasonably intelligent with a good head for common sense. But that obviously doesn't mean I live in a world of denial where everything I do is brilliant or has some higher purpose which is not immediately explainable. 

Case in point - bamboo.
not a panda in sight
It would appear to be common sense that you do not plant bamboo in your garden unless you're a fan of hard work or just really, really stupid. Just like you wouldn't put 6 pairs of rabbits in your backyard and check on them every 12 months. 

Black bamboo is strikingly beautiful, and while it doesn't spread like a weed, it does multiply over time if you don't keep control of it by knocking down new growth.

We didn't, and the price we paid was 2 days hard labour in 35 degree, 75%+ humidity, tropical heat. If we didn't have a chain saw, the use of a mini-excavator, and the help of 4 other lovely humans, it would have most likely taken about 3 months. Even so, I didn't enjoy it.

Lesson learned. 


See comment from Passthecream and his photo below. Apparently I'm not alone when it comes to masochistic gardening.