Friday, 12 December 2014

Dietitians in a douche riot

Just a quick one, because this is clearly not worth the time and effort of anyone who doesn't have a brain bloated with glucose.

The Association of UK Dietitians has given the paleo diet both barrels in their list of diets to avoid - listing it at number two, just behind the 'drink your piss' diet. 

It's probably not fair to point out the physical appearance of someone without knowing their background, but if you're the spokesperson for an authority who advises the general public on how to be healthy, I'm not sure your message will be that convincing if you look like this:

Sian Porter could be in peak health, but it doesn't look like it. I could be wrong. I guess it doesn't matter.

Anyway, the Dietitians Association of Australia has come out in support with typically illogical comments that make little sense to those not reading online news between hits of the crack pipe.

Damn you, stupid lazy people! We have a plan for you and you're not following directions! 

Never mind that the plan doesn't work, never has, but they keep ramming it into our faces with a tireless monotony that speaks of an obtuseness so magnificent to be truly breathtaking.

If I taught kids how to swim and year after year my students either drowned or failed to grasp the concept of keeping afloat, I'm pretty sure I'd eventually get the hint that perhaps my methods were faulty and try something different.

That's enough stupidity for today. The last word goes to Pete Evans:


  1. I suspect that when we all found LC and discovered it works so well, we thought the world would change as the news spread -- and we were surprised when it didn't. WHY is the truth so hard to see? WHY do the "diet experts" fight so hard, and insist that their failed paradigm is still correct? ... [crickets]

    1. Hello Tess. I guess they live in denial and hope. Denial that their recommendations aren't shit and hope that LC is indeed a 'fad'.

      Bizarre how they rip into paleo because it avoids an 'entire food group', but then are quite ok with veganism.


  2. High Chips

    Promoting a low carb lifestyle can be a tough job, but the hardest gig of all is keeping a straight face when a dietitian that makes the late Pavarotti look anorexic tells me a low carb diet will be bad for my health. Sian Porter is wheeled out on a regular basis in the UK. If this bloated blowhard is following the dietary information spouted by the BDA, could there be a better example of why the obesity and often linked type two diabetes epidemics are bankrupting healthcare systems across the world.

    Check out the link Sian is also on the payroll of a few black ops outfits. Check out the link to the NHS where Sian is pushing carbs big time.

    “Dietitian Sian Porter says: "Carbohydrates are such a broad category and people need to know that not all carbs are the same and it is the type and quantity of carbohydrate in our diet that is important. While we should reduce the amount of sugar in our diet, we should base our meals on starchy carbs. There is strong evidence that fibre, found in wholegrain versions of starchy carbs for example, is good for our health.”

    It’s as if these people do not know starchy carbs turn to sugar, clearly Sian consumes lots of sugar.

    Regards Eddie

    1. She has that A LOT OF whole-grains + a lot of fruits look.

  3. Yes, eat their way and become obese and diabetic...more for me to do later. $$ I'll never be out of work!