Monday, 19 January 2015

2014 in a nutshell

To be filed under ‘I'm too lazy to write a proper journal'. 

Because, realistically, a proper journal is guaranteed to be a massive waste of time. This shitty little blog post, on the other hand, is small enough to ignore completely and crappy enough to skim and realise within the first few sentences that it's not worth reading.

Gotta start 2015 somehow - might as well make it short and bitter.

Two thousand and fourteen

If you’re not learning or experiencing new things on a regular basis, you may as well chuck it in and check out. I went through a series of shitty, dead-end jobs when I left high school, and while standing at the petrol station counter, I’m pretty sure I could hear my brain atrophying. It was depressing and soul-destroying, so I went back to school and fed my brain.

Things I learned (or that were reinforced) in 2014:
  • Bitching on the internet is fun.
  • If you buy a chicken that is half the size of your other chooks, it is probably a bantam.
  • Bantam eggs are much smaller but have a larger yolk:white ratio.
  • There's a limit to how long you can reply "we'll get a dog next year, when you're more responsible".
  • I am very lucky for many reasons. One of those is that my family and friends are wonderful people.
  • Life is very short and money is only money.
  • How to use a VPN.
  • Humans, in general, will continue to prove their stupidity, selfishness, greed and irrational fear.
  • Our nation’s political leaders have no moral compass - despite their pious religious beliefs.
  • Stock markets can defy logic and reason for a lot longer than I imagined.
  • Carbohydrate restriction appears to be gaining traction in the mainstream, albeit in the name of “Paleo”.
  • Governments may admit to torture and past injustices, but there is no sign they will stop their bloody-mindedness or invasion of our privacy.
  • The war on terror is like the war on drugs – expensive, arguably a charade with ulterior motives, and without visible end.
  • I have a rather severe and ongoing statin deficiency.
  • Planting bamboo in your garden is a really, really stupid thing to do.
  • My life is good.

Books I read:
  • Survival in Auschwitz – Primo Levi
  • The Big Fat Surprise – Nina Teicholz
  • Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox – Kate Rheaume-Bleue
  • Death by Food Pyramid – Denise Minger
  • Flash Boys – Michael Lewis
  • Whole Grains, Empty Promises – Anthony Colpo
  • Holidays - William McInnes
  • Two Brothers - Ben Elton
I vow to read more books in 2015 instead of gossip and arguments on blogs. I'm not optimistic about my chances of succeeding, but I will try. 

As per the last 2 years, I will also vow to learn Italian beyond "vorrei mangiare qualcosa".
Adelaide has lady bugs