Monday, 9 February 2015

Forget fat and sugar taxes, introduce a stupidity tax

There's already one on cigarettes, why not food?

You can see lots of amusing, bemusing and very sad things when wandering 'round a supermarket. Besides the customers, I mean.

This made me laugh on a recent trip through the meat section:
Decisions decisions

Almost identical racks of lamb, they'd simply trimmed the fat from one of them and charged $18 more per kilo for it.

Surely you should pay more for the nutrient dense version? Or is this a new stupidity tax that I'm not aware of? 

I s'pose it may have been in place for a while now considering how much those plant sterol margarines and the "heart smart" cuts of meat cost. 

No, that's just way too smart for the powers that be. It must be, that in this case, the shop manager  forgot to mark down the price of the "extra trim" one - the fattier ones being on sale for the week. 

But even considering that oversight - that they think it necessary to go to the trouble of marketing the lean version is concerning.

I s'pose it doesn't matter if you're not subject to this kind of stupidity tax. Two of the cheap ones made for delicious dinner. My wife an I almost made it through one each. Almost.
Almost cooked - just some fat rendering to do.


  1. Nice looking cookup! but holy cow! Sorry, wrong animal --- that's expensive lamb. Is that what you pay for meat where you are in general? My local rib-eye was cheaper than your cheap rack.

    Seriously, the low fat madness seems to be on the increase in the big supermarkets at the moment at the same time as they seem to also be pushing low carb items. It just doesn't add up. I hope that's not the case in the civilized countries.


    1. $25 a kilo for lamb rack as about as cheap as it gets here. Rib eye can be bought for $20 a kilo and without the bone (scotch) is anywhere between $20-$40 a kilo - depending on quality.

      The lamb rack is therefore not a common occurrence in our house.

      I have no idea who makes the decisions at the duopoly but they appear to have a mental illness of some description. Coles got rid of lard but now stock Wagyu fat. Weird.


    2. It is a bit pricey even here but typically more like $20/k but I hadn't noticed because I focus on chops and legs . The $40+ /kg of the stupid version took my breath away! Being a cheapskate I am happy when lamb flaps appear in the local meat sections. I like to pop that in a zip lock overnight with a good amount of salt and piles of chili-cumin-coriander-pepper-anniseed-mustard powders and then smoke it slowly in the weber, to about 75-80'. It gets sliced and fried for breakfast for a few days after.


  2. Some states here have a stupidity, or at least a math deficiency, tax: state-run lotteries.

    1. G'day Lori. As it happens, there is a massive moron-tax on designer puppies that I recently paid, for reasons I'm still not quite clear on.

      I try to keep my moronic behaviour to a minimum, but after a few years of pressure, the kids finally broke me.

      She is sort of cute, so that dulls the pain of my sore bank account.

      Have a good one.

  3. Stupidity and other questions aside - that lamb rack looks absolutely delicious ........

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks, Jan. It tasted as good as it looked.

      Love my temperature probe - perfect meat every time.