Friday, 17 April 2015

How to make your own ipod touch for $15 - a guide for i-bigots.

Or, more perhaps more accurately "how to avoid unnecessary nonsense and save shitlots of money at the same time"

I find it hard to exercise without my own personal soundtrack motivating me to move. Given that I have an intense hatred for all things apple (mainly because itunes, but also due to semi-illogical snobbery), I've always used Sandisk mp3 players. They play pretty much any file format you throw at them, including flac and ogg and formats you may not have heard of. The software is pretty shitty and the navigation is often annoying, but they’re fairly cheap and easy to get your music on to. As far as non-i-thing music players go, there aren’t many alternatives.
Another reason for hating apple - the marketing is emetic. 
About a month ago I was in the process of buying a new Sandisk, when I remembered I had an old android smart phone laying around, collecting dead skin cells. Not powerful enough to be a decent smart phone, but plenty sufficient to be my new training partner.

I’d rooted it years ago, so trimming the fat was a piece of piss. Deleting the very long list of rubbish apps (looking at you, Google) that were on it - nothing but the essentials remain. Then it was simply a matter of installing a decent music player, throwing in a micro SD card in with all my tunes, and that was it. 
Engineered for minimal bullshit
Where I’m from a 16GB ipod touch will set you back at least $230. 32Gb are about $300. I made my 16GB equivalent for the $15 it cost to buy a 16GB micro SD card.

Apart from saving over $200, it also:
·         doesn’t force me to use the most idiotic software program ever invented to get my music on to it.
·         plays any audio file format and any video file.
·         lets me make phone calls if I feel like throwing a SIM card in it.

Granted, not everyone has a working smart phone laying around, but surely a second hand one can be bought fairly cheaply online. Definitely less than $200.

Sure, I could use my current phone as a music player, but it's massive and doesn't fit in my gym short pocket. It also cost a fortune and I’d hate to drop a dumbbell on it.
Recycling has never sounded this cool.
If you are a fan of avoiding nonsense and saving money, you may find the details below interesting. Your kid who "needs" an ipod touch will probably tell you to pull your head in and stop being so old, but kids are so spoiled these days - tell them it's character-building. 

Phone - Huawei G300, but any android from the last few years will do.
Rooting your phone - head to xda developers and search for your phone in the forums. Rooting your phone and uninstalling apps isn't essential, but it will streamline your device and possibly make it more responsive.
App to delete the space-wasting apps - Titanium Backup or ROM toolbox lite.
Music player app - any you like. I use Shuttle or Poweramp.
Video player - video player for android.