Monday, 6 April 2015

running under the influence...of statins

Papers on statins are almost always gushing in their awe of the miracle drugs, which is why I rarely bother reading them. But I got the impression fairly quickly that Toussirot and his French mates are not sold on their brilliantness. Not in athletes, at least.

The paper is a case study of a 50 year old marathon runner who appeared to develop a nasty case of Rhabdomyolysis (muscle break-down) while high on rosuvastatin.

Don't get me started on the logic behind marathon running, because I'm likely to get all judgey and arrogant. Suffice to say, I don't get it.

But ignoring that for a minute, this particular man was prescribed atorvastatin because of a family history of heart issues and his LDL level of 162 mg/dl (oh, my goodness!). Unfortunately this caused him severe muscle pain (myalgia), so he switched to rosuvastatin.

He did that silly thing where you torture your body by running 26 miles and, not surprisingly, his muscles didn't like it. But they hated it more than usual because of the rosuvastatin. Two days after the nastiness, his creatine kinase levels were still off the charts.

A year later, he had only partially learned from his mistakes, because he still had the masochistic habit, but decided to do without the drugs. Going by the CK levels, it was still a stupid thing to do, but not quite as stupid as doing it on rosuvastatin.

I guess you could argue that this is an isolated case and not indicative of anything, but it appears that if you plan on exercising and taking statins at the same time, the chances of your muscles not liking the combination are quite likely. 

From this study:

"In conclusion, our findings demonstrate that the great majority of professional athletes with severe FH do not tolerate any of the statins available."

I plan on using my muscles for quite a while yet, so I think I'll pass.
Sunrise yesterday was quite spectacular

The fish were pretty good, too.


  1. "In conclusion, our findings demonstrate that the great majority of professional athletes with severe FH do not tolerate any of the statins available."

    I think many ordinary folk do not and have not tolerated statins well, you only have to read various reports / studies / blogs etc.

    Now I'm off out soon for an enjoyable walk! Yes, there are those that like to run, there are those that like to lift weights- then there are those that enjoy beautiful sunrises and catching fish !

    Looks super ..........

    Hope you've had a good Easter Weekend

    All the best Jan

    1. I did, thanks Jan. Hope you did too.

  2. Masochism is always popular. Part of population is always ready to self-inflicted torture. I am afraid that some cases of "real love" belong to that category.
    When people suffer from such "prevention" practices as taking a body destroying drug, it is very bad , of course, but they have some control over it. What about such side effects as memory loss and amnesia, and the fact that many politicians are prescribed statines? George W. Bush is a good example. Unfortunately, a population which is ruled by politicians can't control what they take.

    1. All good points, Serova. If only we could control our lives without political interference. That would be nice.