Thursday, 25 June 2015

The Adventures of Awesome Man

by Spittin'chips junior, age 8.

So profoundly deep, I thought. Are we all hypnotised or are some of us just wearing hipno-glasses? If some of us are just wearing hipno-glasses, what is the deal with wasting Awesome Man's time? Why did Awesome Man decide to travel by boat? Does he not have the power of flight or is he just making a point? What is that point? Should we all take our siley towels off and take a shower?

Will leave you all to ponder.


  1. Hi Chips,

    I love to see children's drawings and cartoons like this, and am pleased to see you valuing it and pondering --- they can be so very deep. My oldest is nearly forty and the youngest in her twenties but I still have many of their drawings stored in a big wooden chest - treasure!

    Awesome man reminds me of Homer's Odysseus and the Cyclops

    ( Homer the Greeek, not Homer the Simpson)

    1. Cheers, C. They bring so much stuff home from school, it's hard deciding what to keep and what to discretely 'lose' in the bin. This one was definitely a keeper.

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  3. I'm pondering ... and I'm so pleased you are going to keep this.

    To this day I still carry (in my handbag) a small picture of a match stick man drawn by our youngest when he was three - almost twenty years ago now, but something I treasure.

    All the best Jan