Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Health workers say "fuck you" to a Government who thinks secrecy is only OK if the secrets are theirs.

To begin this post in a somewhat unintentionally flippant and obscure manner, it is often said that while watching a sport, if you don’t notice the umpires, they’ve probably been doing a good job. They’ve most likely been letting the game flow and imposing infringements only when absolutely necessary to uphold the spirit of the game.

I usually go out of my way to not notice our country’s umpires, the men and women who congregate in a very expensive building in our nation’s capital and determine what rules we all must abide by when playing the pretty easy game of being Australian. However, it has been increasingly difficult to ignore these people in the last few years because they keep changing the rules to suit their own grubby needs. Playing the game is still relatively easy, but it's getting harder and much more annoying and lots more people are getting hurt.

I've already said my piece on the nonsense laws introduced to monitor our internet activity. But now it seems the Canberra Arseclowns are at it again, introducing legislation that attempts to hide their disgusting behaviour toward asylum seekers.

The Border Force Act 2015 provides for the jailing of health workers who speak out about the conditions we put asylum seekers in. The background to our treatment of people seeking asylum in our country is a long and very sad one, but to summarise – the Government is so desperate to win the votes of the ignorant fools who feel we should “stop the boats” at any cost, that they ship asylum seekers off to a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, where they languish until…well, I dunno… whenever.

A group of 40 health care workers have spoken up about the ridiculous new law, effective today, and in doing so have given a massive ‘fuck you’ to the Government. I love it. This sort of action should be applauded.. When a bunch of raving loons take over and start running the game however they want, and when the loons’ opposition stand by and wave the insanity through in the pathetic attempt at being voted in next election, we should all stand up and tell them to get fucked.

I encourage you to spread this story, and the open letter below, far and wide. The attempt to cover up disgusting behaviour is deplorable, but to do it just after weakening our own rights to privacy is the act of a bunch of retarded psychopaths. 

Also at the Guardian here.


  1. My respect and best wishes to these outstanding human beings!!! ...and one big RAZBERRY to the governmental body they're outing!

    1. Cheers, Tess, they are indeed outstanding human beings.

      My respect and best wishes to you.

  2. Hi Chips

    This is the world we now live in, maybe it has always been the same, but with the internet we find out about stuff the big white chiefs would prefer we didn’t. The 9/11 terrorist attacks gave Governments all over the world a licence to torture, murder and break every law under the sun. All this is for our benefit they tell us, because the terrorist is out to get everyone of us. You cannot step outside of your front door in the UK without surveillance cameras watching your every move.

    The reality of course is we have infinitely more chance of being killed in a traffic accident than by a terrorist. In the US you have many times more chance of being shot by a Policeman than a terrorist, especially if you are black.

    In most civilised countries I believe the threat from terrorists is small, all the hype and bullshit is keep the general population under surveillance and control. Most countries are now technically bankrupt, brought about totally corrupt governments and their paymasters the big bank cartels. The giant ponzi scheme is coming to an end, the so called working and middle classes are being impoverished and robbed blind of savings, pensions and property. A huge storm is heading our way, life for what most of us know is coming to an end in the not too distant future. One thing's for sure, it ain’t gonna end well.

    Check this link out, the guy is one hell of a mouthpiece, but he certainly nails why the terrorist business is booming and why it will continue.

    “Tunisia Minute Of Silence - Total Bullshit: Russell Brand The Trews”

    Regards Eddie

    1. Hello, Eddie. We seem to be on the same page. Use of fear and propaganda is a tried and tested control measure, and one that the 1% will continue to use to maintain power - over us and the stooge politicians they are puppeteering. I have a lot of time for Russell, although a lot of people find it easy to fob him off as some shallow celebrity looking for a cause. Cheers.