Saturday, 18 July 2015

That Sugar Film - speed review

Watch it.

It's not flawless but it's above average and worth a look. It's now available for download or purchase on DVD in some parts -  see the link above.

It's a bit annoying in parts when they dance around the topic of "good fats" without explaining exactly what that means to them, but I s'pose if they were to pronounce the wonders of animal fat, they may be seen to be going off the sugar track and lose most of their target audience.

I imagine something along the lines of: "That Sugar Film is great, but then they go all Atkins and totally lose the plot. Shame they refuse to see the truth that is the Heart Foundation's brilliant message".

Other than that, listening to big boy Stephen Fry talk about nutrition is a bit surreal, but that's as far as the negatives go.

There'll always be the nutters who say they eat 50 cumquats a day and have super strength and immortality and that sugar is a super food, but unfortunately these same people just refuse to stop being demented pricks.

I've watched quite a few of these types of films and this one is probably up there among the best in terms of production quality, content and overall ease of viewing. The science is, of course, generalised and you could pick a few holes in it here or there, but for the target audience it's intended for (everyone who isn't totally set in their vegan/fruitarian ways) I think it hits a pretty good sweet spot.