Monday, 7 September 2015

The Sugar Coated Sugar Conspiracy

There is a newish documentary out that you might want to take a squiz at. It's called "Sugar Coated" in Canada, where it was produced, but SBS in Australia apparently decided that wasn't edgy enough.

I don't know if they have country restrictions on viewing, but if not or you have a VPN, you can find it here just search for "sugar conspiracy".

Robert Lustig features fairly prominently- I haven't been exposed to much of his stuff, but I understand he's fairly polarizing.

Yoni Freedhoff and Gary Taubes make a few appearances and while the beginning is fairly standard in terms of outlining the history, mentioning Keyes and Yudkin, there are some interesting insights into the Canadian authorities and the Obesity Summit of 2013.

Instead of bashing Keyes, Fred Stare from Harvard is painted as chief psychopath in this story, and it sounds like he deserves it. Look out for John Sievenpiper - I've seen him before in something but he strikes me as interesting. Money before morals type of bloke, but obviously talented at his job.

Cristin Kearns is someone I hadn't seen before. I had this nagging suspicion that she may have some input into Taube's upcoming book, but I could be talking out of my arse on that one.

Sugar Coated felt a little unfinished and was fairly vague in parts, although it was presented in a form easily digestible for the average personOne thing I noticed with this and The Sugar Film is that they are very careful not to promote fat, only referring to "real food". Which is only smart, I guess. I can imagine blasting sugar and praising fat at the same time might lead to a viewers' reaction on par with what would have happened if the lead character in the Crying Game saw the penis and then was told it belonged to his long lost half brother. 

Too shocking to believe, perhaps.

I found the trailer on youtube, with a very amusing fella commenting underneath. 

Going by his profile, Mr Kingsmill really really really likes trains.

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  1. Sugar couldn't have been in use for thousands of years, the Earth was only created a short while ago according to my calculations.