Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Low density lipoproteins cause heart disease. Fo' sho'.

Clearly, there is no shortage of people who believe that LD lipoproteins are evolution's booby trap for those of us silly enough to trip over it with our pharmaceutical free eating habits and you could waste an extraordinary amount of your life reading every paper and blog post and watching every vegan YouTube video that purports this to be true. I wouldn't advise it, but every now and then something comes along that is both bemusing and breathtakingly ballsy, and is worth a look, if only for entertainment value.

Case in point:

TLDRCGAF: Drugs will save everyone from the LDL booby trap and the earlier you fools take them, the safer you'll be. LDL is causative. Not correlated. Not a risk factor. Not an innocent bystander. CAUSATIVE. 

Some highlights:
skeptics be damned

It doesn't matter how you lower it, just lower it.


I know it's usually poor form and lazy to point out conflicts of interest, but the list of conflicts in this paper were impressively lengthy. And I can be lazy because I'm not seriously trying to counter any of their arguments, because...well...I have a certain amount of self-respect. 

Propaganda dressed up in nice formatting and pretty graphs is still bullshit, just that little bit funnier.