Thursday, 1 February 2018


It’s been more than 14 months since a certain person was elected as President of the US. If you regularly expose yourself to the mainstream media, that means you’ve been subjected to at least 20 months of daily news items along the lines of:

DT said this. Isn’t that awful.
TV host says DT is a knob.
Sports star says DT is a tool.
DT said that. How outrageous.
Evil sadistic witch lost election. Isn't that tragic.
DT causes cancer and eats baby seals for breakfast.
DT is a Russian spy.

The number of words typed and spoken on the subject is immeasurable. If you read or listen to one of these stories and your first reaction is to get angry and shout “yeah…right on. The world’s going to hell and he needs to go”, then it is my personal opinion that you are wasting your time and doing exactly what the people in power want you to do. This is not conducive to positive change.

I'm not saying that I think DT is a worthy head of state - I don't, but I don’t give a flying firetruck who is sitting in the white house because the people who have represent a long list of corrupt, demented sadistic arseholes whose achievements can be boiled down to one thing - ensuring rich people stay rich and everyone else can get forked. 
Google wants you to spend time reading this crap
I'm also not suggesting that people have no right to be aggrieved at who is running their country. Hell, my country is run by a pack of cnuts and the chief clown, our Prime Minister, is a former investment banker. How funny is that?  

Politicians are pricks. That should go without saying to a sane person, but the media will have you believe that the discussion of how big a prick the current leader is, is more important than our privacy, government-sanctioned murders, government policy that advocates physical and mental torture, and the fact that our every electronic move is being watched, recorded and sold to advertisers or spy agencies.

Call me extraordinarily paranoid if you will, but I imagine that these power-brokers, the faceless puppeteers that conspiracy theorists like me imagine are truly running our countries, are sitting around, pushing the buttons that control the media and the government and saying to each other “look at these dumb bastards, the country is drowning in debt, the farcical war on terror will never end because we don’t want it to, a lot of their people are starving and homeless and all we have to do is get one of our stooge ‘journalists’ to write a story about the president saying “shit hole” and that’s all they get angry about.”

'They' must be laughing their arses off constantly. The joke would never get old.

The propaganda machine is truly awesome in its reach and varied key players. Of course you'd be naive to think that it's just the news media that share an agenda with governments -  Hollywood and sources of celebrity get in on the act too. 

I love a good movie and there’s nothing much wrong with tuning out and watching 2 hours of a superhuman saving the earth and cracking witty one liners, but when you start to take seriously the biased mountain of exceptionalist bullshit that portrays the American war machine as an altruistic seeker of justice, I think you've got some seriously large blinkers on. 

No, I don't see myself as some wise, all-knowing intellectual. I am not the old fish in David Foster Wallace's parable. I just wish more people would turn off the screens that spew distracting crap and be a bit more discerning when it comes to their source of worldly news. 

It's really not that hard. 

Not news, but worth noting - pork belly is delicious

TLDRCGAF summary:

Politicians are scum.
Governments are not in the business of serving their people.
The media is a propaganda machine.
Hollywood is a cesspool of nonsense.
Celebrities are not more important than you.
If you want to know what’s going on in the world, make an effort to find the truth. Or at least an alternative view to the mainstream propaganda.
Pigs are delicious.