Thursday, 21 June 2018

Australia's leadership is perpetually weak and sycophantic and the image we have of ourselves is a lie.

The jingoistic wankers who like to loudly proclaim what it is to be Australian, will invariably put at the top of the list of stereotypical characteristics, the inherent sense of a 'fair go', 'mateship' and pitching in when others less fortunate are having a hard time.

That people actually think these traits are somehow unique to a particular country, and not just logical responses from those of any member of the human race, should tell you something about their intellect. Those that shout this the loudest are either so stupid they truly believe what they are saying, or are the cunning and manipulative parasites whose interests and wealth benefit most when the Australian masses think they are somehow exceptional and their way of life must be defended at all costs from those who come to our country uninvited. 

Australia's treatment of asylum seekers is abhorrent and sickening. Of that, there is no doubt. Unfortunately, this doesn't surprise me given the very long and ongoing record of despicable treatment handed out to our Indigenous peoples. 

But this post is not about our lack of collective compassion for those so downtrodden in their cultural homeland or those so desperate to avoid persecution or death, they will do all that it takes to reach our massive, and mostly empty, country. This is about the disgusting treatment we allow to occur of our own citizens by countries that are supposedly our friends.

The Australian Government allowed David Hicks  to be tortured by the US military and held captive for 6 years. No attempt was made by our leaders to intervene in the bullshit and illegal trial that eventually led to his release. That the feeble-minded among us felt his treatment was warranted, given his apparent lack of intelligence and poor choices in life, is beyond my comprehension. 

Now we have Julian Assange, having broken no law and having no charges laid against him, bogus or otherwise, undergoing 6 years of a totally different kind of torture. Again, our government has had ample opportunity to step in and help one of its citizens. Again, it has proven to be weak, flaccid, contemptible and entirely pathetic. Being seen to be friends with the United States and United Kingdom is of greater importance to our politicians than the health and well-being of an Australian.

That is not leadership. That is not morally defensible. That it happened more than once is fucking bullshit.

Whether you have made up your mind that Hicks and Assange are not very nice people, is irrelevant. They could be the biggest human turds on the planet, they could have actually broken a legitimate law, their treatment and the lack of action from the Australian Government would still contradict the very principles that we supposedly hold so dear.

No, the tribe of clowns who inhabit our Parliament, the conga-line of parasites that write for our newspapers, the clan of imbeciles who drape themselves in an Australian flag and proclaim themselves exceptional, and even the average Dazza and Shazza who don't really understand what is going on and don't care, are sad and deluded pawns in a fanciful game of world domination.

Whether you realise it or not, all Australians lose in our relationship with the US and UK. Just some more than others.